Big And Beautiful


   While at the beach I bumped into the hot babe lying there enjoying some sun. We started talking and she told me how she enjoyed tanning topless, so that her huge natural boobs can get some sun. I tried to call her bluff, but I was wrong, and she whipped off her top revealing massive knockers. I couldn’t help but keep staring at them, so she said, let me take you back to my place so you can play with them too.


   At her place she stripped down revealing her huge round mound of beautiful ass. She could see through my jeans that my cock was hard so she offered to suck it. We took things inside and I got a chance to play with huge boobs and also rub that big round ass. I fucked so hard that I could feel I was stretching her pussy. To crown the moment I just had to cum on those big round tits. It was a great day at the beach, where are met a horny babe, and it turned out that she was a bitch.


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